Our style has been crafted over the years that we have spent specializing in advertising, design and video and photo journalism. Together with the use of professional and high-definition technical equipment, our training and experience enables us to conduct high-quality audiovisual projects for individual clients. In short, we film STORIES with a CINEMATOGRAPHIC STYLE in line with the very latest international trends.


2 CAMERAMEN. We don’t want to miss a single detail of such an important day. We film the same moment from different angles and viewpoints in order to have more options when creating the film.
LATEST GENERATION TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: Full HD with photographic optics, steadycam, rails to film tracking shots, microphones and so on. A complete set of tools that enhance the image and facilitate our CINEMATOGRAPHIC STYLE.
NATURAL QUALITY: The best images come from the most spontaneous moments, when the subjects forget that they have cameras on them. We try not to intrude or interrupt. We strive to show the details of the wedding without bothering the bride and groom, avoiding contrived situations.
THOROUGH APPROACH to postproduction: We take great care to ensure that every image filmed, word spoken and speech given is assembled in line with the rhythm of the music and that all of the pieces fit together perfectly.
Our wedding PHOTOGRAPHY is underpinned by the same principles on which our video work is based: naturalness, sensitivity, high-quality technical equipment, advanced image processing and top quality finishes (albums).


Para nosotros, establecer una RELACIÓN con la pareja antes de la boda es primordial. No concebimos la grabación de un evento tan íntimo sin antes haber tenido la oportunidad de conocer bien a los futuros novios: sus preferencias, sus gustos, sus expectativas… Sólo de esta manera podemos crear una pieza exclusiva adaptada a cada pareja; una propuesta única, creativa, con estilo propio e irrepetible.