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Fotos Boda magica Can Ribas de Montbuí
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Primeras sensaciones en nuestra primera boda de la temporada

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A pesar de la situación que estamos viviendo, por fin hemos trabajado en nuestra primera boda de la temporada. El camino hasta aquí ha sido incierto y desconcertante y hemos…

6 anécdotas curiosas que nos han pasado en las bodas 4

6 anécdotas curiosas que nos han pasado en las bodas

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A veces perdemos la cuenta de todas las bodas que hemos hecho a lo largo de los años, pero hay dos cosas que no olvidamos: a nuestras bonitas parejas y…

Castillos donde casarse en Cataluña

Castillos donde casarse en Cataluña

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Casarse en un castillo no es solo un cuento de príncipes y princesas, puede ser tan real como la boda de ensueño que te imaginas. Y es que existen algunos…


"Since we saw the first wedding video recorded by Stefi and Luca we knew that they would be in charge of making the video of our wedding ... It was something like a love at first sight ... But when we saw them working was when we really knew that the choice had been the right one! Professionalism, perfectionism and good taste are the concepts that define them. But after seeing the final result we realized that they knew how to interpret our wedding in the best way, highlighting the moments and details that really are special! You will not find anyone better than them! We assure you! It's a safe bet! The end result is simply brilliant! Thanks for everything!"

Alejandra & Victor

“We had the opportunity to go to a few weddings before ours, where we saw how different providers work. Basilico Studio’s team has been the most professional in every respect and you can clearly see the difference in the quality of service and the final result. We trusted them blindly, knowing that the photos and the video would be well worth the wait – and we were not mistaken :)! Basilico Studio captured the best moments of the day, the ones that made it the most special day of our lives. They knew how to capture the essence of each situation and now we have them all to keep, with stunning pictures and an amazing video (including teaser)! We just can’t stop watching the video – it’s like reliving that day all over again in a video where you don’t see time fly by. All these lovely memories will remain intact for the rest of our lives.“

Sara & David

“We knew that one of them most important things in our wedding would be the video and the photo album. After seeing some films and teasers on its website, and after meeting them, we were sure. We were 100% confident that the result will not disappoint us. You do not know why but you fell safe and secure with the choice. The wait was worth it… the film of our wedding is the most beautiful we’ve ever seen! Charming and emotional. All the people who has seen it give us the same word: SPECTACULAR. Basilico Studio thank you so much for this great memory.”

Nuria & Victor

“We didn’t like it, we LOVED it!!!!! As we told you, many parts of the day were just a blur, I suppose due to our nerves and trying to keep on top of everything. So seeing the teaser has transported us back to that day once again. I can assure you that it is not just us that like it. We get compliments from relatives and friends on the video that you made!! And that’s before they have even seen the full video!!! Ha ha. So THANKS A MILLION!!! You have edited a brilliant film that have made my parents shed a tear again. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made when we picked you!!! A REAL PLEASURE.”

Judit & Jordi

“The day flew by but, thanks to you, we will always be able to remember and relive the best moments from the day whenever we feel like it. Every time we watch it, we notice some other detail that we hadn’t seen before, and that is wonderful. We are so pleased with the video because, moreover, it was really easy and not in any way a bother to have three people (video and photo) around us for the day. It was so easy that some people didn’t even think that we had videographer! In addition, everybody that has seen the film (whether or not they were at the wedding) congratulate you, Stefi and Luca, which we wholeheartedly reiterate: CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done and a sincere THANK YOU and SEE YOU SOON!”

Sandra & Jordi

“If you want a different type of memento from one of the most beautiful days of your life, don’t hesitate and choose Basilico Studio. We hired them for the photos and the video, and both are exceptional! Everyone that has seen them loves them. The effects on the video and the way they film the images make them unique and nothing like our friends’ wedding videos. Moreover, they try to get a feel of your personality and adapt it to your tastes. For us, they made it pretty cool! I recommend them!”

Rut & Jordi

“The wedding video is fantastic!! It has meant much more than just remembering such a happy day. It has enabled us to relive magical moments and experience those emotions again, with tears in our eyes and a smile on our faces once more. Beautiful, a wonderful gift for an extremely special day that, thanks to Basilico Studio, we can relive and share as often as we want. Thanks for helping to make the wedding so vivid for us still today! Lots of love!”

Alícia & Toni

“Thanks so much, it is a great film!!! The end result is such a surprise, impossible to improve as far as we are concerned, and we love it!!! You have managed to reflect exactly how we experienced our wedding. The music, each moment, every detail is so moving. Thank you for giving us this memento.”

Juliana & Enric

“Thanks a million for the videos!!! We knew that it was going to be great but it was so much more!!! It was a pleasure to have you with us on one of the happiest days of our lives, capturing the most magical images and moments!!! Thanks you very much to the whole team at Basilico Studio.”

Sonia & Ricard

“Basilico Studio, thank you so much for the most beautiful video in the world!!! I had such good memories of the wedding but the video has improved the memories we had!!! It is fantastic and I will never get bored of watching it!! Moreover, throughout the wedding and the whole process, you have just been so lovely, and you got the video to us so quickly! Thank you so much!!! Luca and Stefi, we couldn’t be more grateful!!! It is perfect!!”

Gemma & Jordi

“One of the most important things on our list of preparations was the video because, at the end of the day, it is the only physical thing you can keep afterwards. When we came across the videos and creations made by Basilico Studio, we were left speechless. We didn’t hesitate for another second. Now we have the chance to say a big thank you for letting us relive that day that was such a blur. Thanks to you, we have been able to relive moments that we didn’t even remember. Thank you for such an amazing cocktail of emotions. You really are magical! To watch it is a true gift that we will never forget. Thank you for your company, friendliness and patience! You are the best!! We would do it all again a thousand times.”

Cristina & Ismael

“We loved the videos that you made for us! They turned out beautifully and are really emotional.
Really great with bits of humour. In 30 minutes, you have managed to capture all of our emotion and joy from that unforgettable day!”

Alexandra & Eduard

“We weren’t sure whether or not we wanted to contract videographers for our wedding, but when we found out about you and your work, it soon became clear that we did indeed want to and, moreover, it had to be you guys! We will never forget the moments we shared on the day of the wedding, as if we had known each other all our lives, with absolute trust, laughing and making jokes. You showed such passion for your work, such dedication, and this is clear for all to see in the quality of your work!”

Laia & Leo