How to organize a fairy tale wedding, by Mónica Sors

A dream wedding is often hard to turn into a reality, so we asked Monica Sors, the fashion blogger behind Mes voyages à Paris, to explain what her fairy tale wedding was like and what advice she could give to achieve a wedding that meets this brief. Her charming manner and tips are a great inspiration for brides-to-be, so enjoy!

Your big day was certainly a fairy tale wedding. Did you know what type of wedding you wanted right from the start?

Thank you very much! The truth is that I had lots of ideas/colours/styles in mind, all different but with a fairly well-defined underlying thread that connected them: vintage romanticism. At the same time, I wanted that palatial feel of a princess but without it becoming sickly sweet. It was no mean feat bringing all of these aspects together but, to this day, I am still surprised how beautiful it all turned out. I wouldn’t change a thing! Well, perhaps one thing – I would have made the wedding last three days longer. ?

What are the main features that give a wedding a rustic feel?

The setting – the venue is fundamental. Secondly, the materials (the fabric of the tablecloth, cutlery, types of chairs, etc.) and, thirdly, the flowers, from the decorative arrangements around the place to the bride’s bouquet. Lastly but obviously most importantly, the wedding dress. In our case, it was designed down to the last millimetre to draw together the three founding pillars that defined the style of the wedding: a rustic feel with a palatial twist and a certain vintage touch. The setting gave it that rustic aspect, together with elements such as my bouquet, romantic yet wild, as well as the fabric of my dress, which was rustic, raw white Ottoman garza made of natural silk. It all helped to set that rustic, vintage ambience.

What are the main features that make a wedding a fairy tale?

The bride and groom have to want an extremely romantic wedding (there are couples who prefer something a bit more modern, fun/rock ‘n’ roll, etc., the options are endless). If they are looking for a fairy tale wedding, they can achieve it by taking great care with the small details, looking for suppliers that can give them want they need. I advise them to immerse themselves in bridal blogs to see examples and get an idea of what they like and don’t like, and to have the help of some good wedding planners, such as Bodas de Cuento. Above all, to keep the fairy tale memory alive, good photography and videography are crucial.

What steps do you have to follow to organize this dream wedding?

First of all, I created an old-style inspiration board. I hung a cork notice board on the wall and started pinning up magazine cuttings with details that inspired me. I hung up everything from a flower, a dress, a chair, a photo call, even hairstyles that gave me inspiration. This went on until I had a clear idea of the style I wanted. Then I get to work looking for help from wedding planners, primarily because I was living outside Spain at the time. After that, we decided on the venue and the church and then I started my great search for a photography and videography team. Last but not least, I set about looking for the dress, wich was from Rosa Clará, and focused on the details.

How long did it take you to organize a wedding like that?

Around a year, although I chose the dress, decoration materials and finishing touches in the last six months. It was a bit crazy, more like a full-time job, I would say, but it can be done.

In your case, you had the support of a great team of wedding planners. Nevertheless, do you still think the bride’s involvement in the wedding preparations is crucial? In what way?

I know brides that have hired wedding planners and have left them to it to a great extent. In my case, because of my character and profession, it was impossible for me to stand back from something as important as creating the grand event of my own wedding. I admit that I even studied a Master on wedding planning by distance learning, and I read several books and hundreds of wedding blogs, particularly American ones, because I wanted to know all of the details. However, the more I learned, the clearer it became that I needed help.  So I got some and, if I went back and did it all again, I would do the same thing without a doubt. My involvement basically extended to every aspect, but particularly with respect to the decoration, because I had a really clear ‘picture’ of my wedding in my head. But I have to acknowledge that the work of organizing or wedding was a great team effort, with some superb and highly professional collaborators. They were all honestly really very good in their own fields. Moreover, if it hadn’t been for the great communication between them and the clear understanding of the concept, it would not have been possible. It is precisely on that point that I think that the help of good wedding planners is essential. They ensure that all of the suppliers work in harmony, that we stick to the timings and the budget, and that everything turns out simply perfect. (Because, at a wedding, if something goes wrong, only the bride and groom notice, and it is important to get them to calm down and think that it is all going to work out well).

The wedding video is the summary of the big day for you, the guests and those who weren’t able to be there. Does the video of your wedding reflect the reality of what you experienced on that special day? Do you think that it is an important aspect to bear in mind?

I admit that the items on my ‘to do list’ that I spent most time on were the photography and video. The idea that I had in terms of the type of video was set in stone because, once again, it had to embody the style of the wedding. Initially, it was not at all easy to find the style and quality I needed, but then I came across BASILICO STUDIO during one of my endless afternoons of online research and, straightaway, I simply knew that I needed you to help us with our wedding. In my opinion, the video is very important. After all that you invest in a wedding, all the time, passion, effort and money, the only things you take away with you are the memories and the video. I think it is a crucial element.

Throughout the wedding preparation process, what was your biggest concern?

Whether the idea that I had in my mind could be turned into a reality, and whether the photographs and video would capture this reality and imbue it with romanticism and nostalgia.

What mistakes that you make (if there were any) could you share with us to ensure that a bride-to-be doesn’t do the same?

To be honest, I don’t remember any aspect as a mistake, not throughout the process nor on the day itself. It’s strange, I had never asked myself that question, and I am happy that this is my answer.

If you had to give a good tip to a bride-to-be who wants a fairy tale wedding, what would it be?

I would advise them to try to prepare the wedding that they have always dreamed of, because it can be done. And it is possible on any budget. Any style can be achieved on any budget. For instance, perhaps a bride has always wanted to get married in Disneyland and her budget doesn’t stretch to that. But she can organize a wedding full of Disney features in her grandparents’ garden. It is always the details that make the difference, so I would advise them to look at lots of bridal blogs and not to worry about whether or not they can afford it. The important thing is to identify the style that you are looking for and get to work to achieve it within your budget. And I would honestly never cut corners when it comes to souvenirs like the photographs and video.