What is the process for reserving the date?

Once you have decided which product you are interested in, we will send you a contract to read and sign. When you send the signed contract back to us, we will ask you to transfer a deposit of 30% of the total amount. At that point, we will officially reserve the date. On the week of the wedding, a further instalment of 30% is required, and 40% just before we start with the editing of the film / photos / album.

Can we pick the soundtrack to the film?

The film’s soundtrack includes approximately between nine and twelve songs. Before starting the editing phase, we would like you to suggest a list of songs that you like and which identify you. Afterwards, we analyse whether it is possible to fit these songs with the images and moments from the wedding. We try to include as many as we can. The rest of the songs are chosen by us. If you would rather leave it all in our hands, of course that is no problem. It sure will surprise you.

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Once you have given us the list of songs (if you would like music chosen by you to be included), it takes between two and seven months. It depends on the month that you get married. People with weddings at the start of the year will get theirs sooner, people getting married in September may have to wait a bit longer.

Can we have all of the recorded material that has not been used for the film?

We can give you the unedited shots in around five films lasting about fifteen minutes in QuickTime HD format, recorded as data on a DVD. Enquire about rates.

When and where do you eat on the wedding day?

It is crucial for us to restock our energy reserves after many hours of recording! With this in mind, we really appreciate it if you offer us a meal during the reception. The ideal time is while you and your guests eat, as this ensures that we do not miss a thing. With food in our stomachs, we can keep working at full speed, reenergized 100%!